New Character Introduced for MIND≒0, She’ll “Whip” You Into Shape

on July 2, 2013 3:00 PM

Another character has been revealed for MIND≒0 and she’s a real beauty. MIND≒0 will be coming to Japan on August 1st for PS Vita.

This new Mind user is a noblewoman by the name of Reika Kiseki, who at 26 years old, blows past the Japanese stereotype of “Christmas cake” (that after a certain age a woman is not desirable for marriage) and still oozes charm and beauty in spades. But even though she always strives to act noble, she will sometimes have fleeting moments of happiness and sorrow. There also seems to be a deep secret hidden within Reika.

As for her Mind, he is incredibly powerful but is not capable of reason. His power is suppressed by the Commandments Armor and he only obeys Reika’s orders. (Sounds like her kind of summon, huh?) I really like her design, though, and her weapon of choice is very cool–elegant but brutal.

Below you can see a gallery showcasing Reika herself and the female lead Sana, that is also featured in the new trailer.

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