New Details and Japanese Trailer Released for Etrian Odyssey IV

on May 1, 2012 8:30 PM

Atlus has revealed that the crowd pleasing guild cards from Etrian Odyssey III will return for Etrian Odyssey IV , this time with a cool new twist. In the previous game, guild cards tracked information like the number of quests you’ve completed and steps you’ve taken. In Etrian Odyssey IV, you’ll be able to exchange these cards with other players by using Streetpass and or unique QR codes.

You’ll even be able to upload these cards to the internet, for all to see. There will also be special QR codes available for the game that allow players to download new quests and equipment and stuff. These codes will be available from the game’s official website, which is a cool way to make sure everyone has a chance to use them.

If you’re fluent in Japanese, then you’ll definitely enjoy the newly released trailer, which I’ve added below. If not…well…it’s still nice to look at. Etrian Odyssey IV will be available in Japan on July 5th.

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