New Dragon Quest X Screenshots Show Paladin and Ranger Quests

on October 14, 2012 12:13 PM

Square Enix is steadily adding more content to Dragon Quest X, as the Japanese servers of the game seem to thrive despite the unusual platform for this kind of game.

Recently the Paladin and Ranger jobs have been made available to players, and today the publisher announced four new quests that will be playable exclusively by those that unlocked those jobs. There will be two new quests for Paladins and two for Rangers. The first of each pair will be available on October the 15th, while the second will be online on October the 18th.

In the meanwhile we’re still in the dark on the possibility of a localization. For some reason Square Enix always drags its feet on localizing Dragon Quest games in the west. Hopefully something will move sooner rather than later. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the screenshots below.

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