New Dragon’s Crown Screenshots and Trailer Show the Raging Flames of the Wizard

on May 2, 2013 1:37 PM

While the internet pundits rage about the scantly clad Sorceress and Amazon in Dragon’s Crown, today Atlus sent a nice batch of screenshots and a trailer about a character that definitely isn’t keen to show any skin: the Wizard.

Unable to fend off his enemies with physical strength, the wizard relies on a wide range of extremely destructive elemental spells ranging from magic missiles to enormous and fiery explosions, passing by lightning storms that will cover the whole screen.

While the warrior is still my favorite (I can’t really betray my tank heart), I feel the Wizard will be a close second when I’ll finally get my greedy paws on this baby on August the 6th. What about you? What character are you going to play as your favorite?

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