New Dragon’s Crown Trailers Showcase the Dwarf and the Elf

on May 24, 2013 3:22 PM

Dragon’s Crown is coming, whether the internet pundits like it or not, as Atlus USA will publish Vanillaware’s latest hack and slash JRPG in North America for PS3 and PS Vita on August the 6th.

Today we get one more taste of the game with two new trailers, showing off respectively the burly and powerful Dwarf and theĀ agileĀ and lithe (but not less powerful and deadly) Elf.

On a side note, many have been wondering if the game will include a Japanese voice track, and while there has not been (to my knowledge) any confirmation on this front, the English trailers do include the original voices. We can only hope that’s a good sign.

In the meanwhile you can check both trailers out below.

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