New Final Fantasy XV Patch Adding “Stable Mode” for PS4 Pro and More; Coming April 27th

A new patch for Final Fantasy XV is set to bring a new visual mode on PS4 Pro and more goodies on April 27th.

on April 20, 2017 11:32 PM

Today Square Enix announced with a press release that a new update is coming to Final Fantast XV on April 27th.

Keep in mind that the announcement is in Japanese, so the localization of names and options might vary.

First of all, we get a new image quality mode exclusive to PS4 Pro, named “Stable Mode,” it aims to keep a stable frame rate, even if the announcement does not mention any number.

A new option also changes the size of the font for some menu screens, equipment and subtitles.

Timed mobhunts will also return, with an additional ranking system. This time around players will be asked to hunt the “Infamous Treant.”

Last, but not least, new stickers will be added for the Regalia, and new music will be implemented for the in-game music player.

Below you can check out a batch of screenshots, related to the Japanese version of the game.


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