New Final Fantasy XV Screenshot Shows the Fearsome Naga, Based on Yoshitaka Amano’s Design

on October 31, 2015 7:39 AM

Square Enix shared a screenshot of Final Fantasy XV, showcasing the Naga, a monster that will appear in the game, and it looks definitely good and suitably creepy.

“The monster we introduce at the end is the “Naga,” a creepy look befitting the night of Halloween.”


“Since the Naga is also based on Yoshitaka Amano’s design, the modelling combines the original glossy and scary look with Final Fantasy XV’s realistic textures.”

Update: an English description was added on Instagram.

“Shriek! Happy Halloween from Naga and the art team of FFXV! This monster resides in the dark – a contrast to the wildlife monsters –and it is an FFXV-quality, realistic representation of Amano-san’s original artwork. Art Director Tomohiro Hasegawa states that the most challenging thing in creating this asset was to make it look real while maintaining the coquettishly scary feel of Amano-san’s original artwork. One wrong step could have turned being coquettishly scary into being very comical, we painstakingly worked to find the right balance. Look deep into its eyes for a haunting Halloween!”

It’s interesting that the mnsters showcased in Episode Duscae were all pretty realistic, but now we’re seeing more fantasy-looking critters, more rooted into the Final Fantasy lore. I am definitely enjoying the healthy mix.

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