New Gameplay Trailer for ArcheAge Shows Off Catapulting and Tractors

on February 28, 2012 4:22 PM

ArcheAge has developed much attention due to its open-world, sandbox nature, which you don’t see much these days amid all the themepark-like MMORPGs on the market. In the latest trailer from the game’s ongoing closed beta test, XL Games shows off some of the farming and siege techniques you can employ to grow and kill things, respectively.

Planting your own farms and caressing them with the loving embrace of your green thumb is one of the activities you can take part in. If you’re the warlike type, you can build catapults too, apparently. Also, it appears underwater exploration and related gear is in. In fact, you can do and build just about anything you want in ArcheAge. Seriously. A little bit of player housing customization is shown off, as well. Check out the full trailer after the cut and tell me you don’t want to play in that world.

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