New God of War: Ascension Concept Art is Gorgeous

on February 2, 2013 12:09 PM

One of my favorite things about any game is the art behind it. I’m not talking about the final in-game “art”, rendered in pixels, but, rather, the art that gets the creative juices flowing. Concept art is usually packaged in an art book of sorts, but every now and then developers release it into the wild for an interesting look at the creative design behind a game.

In this case, Sony Santa Monica released some concept art for their upcoming God of War: Ascension which is just lovely to look at. I also quite enjoy seeing the in-game areas depicted by the concept art and what they were melded into when digitized in that manner, so we’ll get a chance to see these scenes come to life, so to speak, the week of March 12th when the game rocks out on PS3s worldwide.

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