New Gran Turismo 5 Video Features Visualization Technology of Real Life Driving Data

on September 5, 2012 12:48 PM

We talked about it in the past, and today Sony Computer Entertainment is showing us the goods, with a video showcasing the datalogger technology developed in partnership with Toyota Corporation and Denso that allows to perfectly reproduce in Gran Turismo 5 a driving session happened in real life.

The datalogger uses the CAN-Gateway ECU developed by Toyota and Denso to record data like engine RPM, Position and speed, and feeds it to the replay system in Gran Turismo 5 via an USB memory stick that can be plugged in a PS3.

Then the replay can be analyzed and reviewed, and the driver can even go as far as racing against his own real life “ghost” in the game.

The video, that you can see below, compares a lap of a Toyota 86 on the real life Fuji Speedway with its virtual counterpart recreated in the game thanks to the visualization tech. Can’t say that’s not a testament to Gran Turismo 5‘s realism and attention to detail.

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