New Grimlands Developer Diary Video Gives a Glimpse on the Game

on April 9, 2013 3:42 PM

Grimlands has been on Kickstarter for a little more than a day and has gathered $18,791 in pledges out of a $650,000 goal.

Today the development studio DRAGO Entertainment released a rather interesting dev diary video showcasing more aspects of the game, like the freeform leveling progression, that lets you basically just pick up your favorite equipment and “learn by doing”, as your stats and skills increase according to what you’re using.

The seamless sandbox nature of the world also goes under the spotlight. While Grimlands will have instanced dungeons and arenas, the main world will be completely seamless and will allow for exploration and roaming.

Finally we get a few quick hints on clan warfare and alliances, that will ultimately be able to own player-controlled towns.

You can see it all in the video below, and you can pledge your support for the game here.

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