New Insight into the Gameplay and Prologue of MIND≒0 Has Been Revealed

on June 19, 2013 6:42 PM

Acquire released some MIND≒0 goodies in the form of two new trailers and some lovely screenshots. The first video is a snippet of the Prologue chapter “The Small Bird Who Plays At Wisdom” and the second shows us some actual gameplay footage. MIND≒0 will be coming to Japan on August 1st for the PS VIta.

In the Prologue trailer, the main character and Chikage hear a screams and  both of them rush to the scene. They find Chikage’s classmate and a mysterious man shouldering a bizarre shadow. Later on, the protagonist finds himself in a strange shop with an equally strange woman.

The battle video gives us a good view of the combat system. The party can switch between “MIND OFF” and “MIND ON” which changes what abilities are available to them–they can either attack with the Minds or attack with their own weapons and abilities (for reference, a Mind is the creatures that the party members can summon). Each character and Mind can use special Skills that cost a certain amount of TP, which will help speed along battles since they do more damage then regular attacks. Finally, the results screen at the end of each battle shows what items have been acquired, which seem to change depending on how well the party fights.

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