New Killer is Dead Trailer is Creepy and Awesome

on June 7, 2013 1:35 PM

Killer is Dead is rushing towards its release date of August the 27th (August the 1st in Japan), and today Kadokawa Games released a new trailer of the game.

Initially the video shows a stark and rather creepy contrast between the piano music and the brutal scenes displayed, as a list of Mondo’s victims (that will be the game’s bosses) rolls on the screen. The second half is an unrestricted festival of violence underlined by an appropriate heavy metal track.

In addition to the trailer, the European publisher Koch Media also released a small video message from Suda 51 himself. Apparently he just discovered that Mondo Zappa is an Italian name (or at the very least a name made up using the Italian language, as I doubt any Italian mother would hate her son so much to call him Mondo…). You can enjoy both videos below.

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