New MechWarrior Online Trailer Introduces the Ilya Muromets Hero Mech

on December 5, 2012 12:29 PM

One of the ways in which MechWarrior Online makes money despite being free to play is by selling “Hero Mechs”, a series of BattleMechs with a custom livery that reproduces the unit of a famous hero of the MechWarrior universe.

With yesterday’s patch Piranha Games made available the Ilya Muromets Hero Mech, originally piloted by the hero of the Capellan Confederation Grigori Kovalenko and named after a famous Slavic knight.

It’s based on the new Cataphract chassis, and with two medium lasers, one small laser,  2 AC/5s and 1 AC/10 definitely packs some serious Alpha Strike. I wouldn’t want to take one of those to the face even in my shiny new Atlas, to be honest.

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