New Monster Hunter Online Screenshots Showcase the Thunder Sands Desert

on May 29, 2013 5:43 AM

While there’s still no official word about a possible western release of Monster Hunter Online, the Chinese MMO giant Tencent is continuing to tease us with more screenshots and info about the game.

Today they introduced a new area that will appear in the upcoming MMORPG, named Thunder Sands.

Thunder Sands is a desert area placed in the southern part of the continent. The actual origin of its name is unknown, but the general consensus is that it’s due to the violent thunderstorms generated by the wind blowing over the sand.

While actual full blown sandstorms are rare, there are frequent small tornados, that wise hunters normally avoid. There are also several caves and canyons that are rumored to serve as lairs for some particularly large monsters.

If you want to see how Thunder Sands will look like in its full CryEngine 3 glory, you can check out the gallery below.

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