New Paragon Hero Aurora Gets an Overview Video

on January 31, 2017 3:19 PM

Epic Games released a new video for Paragon today that goes over the game’s newest melee Hero – Aurora.

Aurora’s first ability is Frozen Simulacrum, which allows her to leap far in one direction while still leaving behind a solid ice clone of herself. Her next ability is Glacial Charge, which launches her forward, dealing damage to and pushing enemies aside while blocking projectiles from the front.

Her next ability Hoarfrost creates a ring of hoarfrost around Aurora, which damages enemies and traps them in the ice. Finally, her ultimate ability Cryoseism creates a ice earthquake. This earthquake freezes Aurora’s enemies,┬áthese frozen enemies then explode, dealing damage to them and all of those around them.

You can watch the overview video below. Aurora is now available in Paragon, which is currently in Open Beta on PC and PS4.

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