New Persona 4 Arena Screens and Details Emerge

on April 19, 2012 7:00 PM

Famitsu has dropped a new batch of Persona 4 Arena screens. These screens are, of course, from the forthcoming console version of the game. Most of them are from the story mode, but one of the screens shows the game’s main menu. Here we can see the generous array of modes Atlus currently has lined up for the game.

Many of these modes are genre standards, but I’m most excited to see the Lesson (which you should probably read as ‘Tutorial’), Gallery and Replay Theater modes. These are omitted sometimes in the genre, particularly Gallery mode…which is weird because there was time when just about every fighting game had one. Ah, memories. Persona 4 Arena is due on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime this year. Hit the break for the screens.

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