New Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Screenshots and Artwork Introduce Saint Chronicle, Marine Generals

on September 5, 2013 11:20 AM

Namco Bandai just released a large batch of screenshots of the upcoming Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers, that will be released in Europe and the Americas in November exclusively for the PS3.

The screenies introduce the “Saint Chronicle” mode, that is basically the story mode that will follow the seasons of the anime and manga. Players will be able to unlock the Poseidon season after completing the Sanctuary one, and finally the Hades season.

Each season has a prologue and then a series of episodes, represented by different battles that will be fought by specific characters. There will also be branching points that will allow the player to choose which one of the Bronze Saints to follow in his fight against a specific enemy. Fully voiced story events will be displayed before each battle.

We also get to meet the seven Marine Generals that guard the pillars of the seven seas, and that will serve as opponents during the Poseidon arc of the story. There’s also a further glimpse on Aries Shion, that will be included as a bonus character in the first print of the game.

I’ll be honest: the idea of reliving the fateful battle between Shiryu and Chrysaor has me excited like a kid. It has always been my favorite of the series alongside the one between Shiryu himself and Capricorn Shura. Excalibur!

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