New Scuf Gaming PS4 Controller Finally Available for Pre-Order; 13 Colors and a Lot of Options Included

on June 30, 2014 6:57 PM

The count down has expired, and Scuf Gaming finally made available for pre-order its massively anticipated (at least between dedicated shooter gamers) PS4 controller.

The Scuf Gaming 4PS comes in 14 different colors, of which four are camo, and is custom built for each customer with quite a lot of options, like thumbsticks length, color and shape (domed or concave), rumble motors removal to make it lighter, control disc and mapping for the proprietary paddles on the back. Sadly, only two paddles are available, instead of the four included in other models.

Apparently the electro-magnetic remapping option that will let players change the assignment of the paddles to different buttons still isn’t available, and is marked as “coming soon.”

All that customization comes as a price, and the new controller costs 120 bucks for the base model, while checking all the options will bring the price up to aboyt $232. According to the order page, it’ll take four to six weeks for your custom controller to be delivered from the date of your purchase.

Scuf Gaming also mentioned on Twitter that more designs will be available in the near future.


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