New TERA Trailer Shows That High Elves Can Wield Big Axes Too

on April 12, 2012 3:14 PM

The iconic High Elf normally uses a bow in battle, or a thin-bladed sword and magic. TERA seems to care little for icons, as the High Elves that will appear in the upcoming MMORPG by En Masse Entertainment look quite a lot more similar to their Warhammer cousins (with a lot less armor).

They’re still tall and lean, and they can still use magic and bows, but they don’t scoff at the idea of wielding axes bigger than their own frame, as showcased by the trailer just released by the developer. Apparently they also enjoy smoking a pipe. All we need now is to see them getting wasted with gallons of beer and we’ll have an almost heretical hybrid between Elves and Dwarfs. Check them out after the cut.

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