New Total War: Rome II Trailer Brings the Battle of Teutoburg Forest to Life

on February 28, 2013 1:07 PM

Two weeks ago I explained how the Battle of Teutoburg Forest marked one of the most crushing defeats of Roman History, and today The Creative Assembly gave us a new and juicy glimpse of the bloody engagement with a new trailer of Total War: Rome II.

The video is definitely spectacular, and as a fan of the Total War franchise it’s hard not to be excited about the ability to play that same battle in the game sometimes in the not-so-far future. Besides a lot of Roman legionnaires getting slaughtered, the trailer also gives us a brief glimpse of the new line of sight mechanic and deployable battlefield implements like the flaming hay bales.

You can enjoy it below, while I try to get a line from the movieĀ CenturionĀ out of my brain: “Whatever comes out of that mist lads, you will hold the line!”

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