New Ubisoft Studio Opening in the United Arab Emirates

on January 2, 2013 10:57 PM


In a time where most publishers and developers are facing setbacks, layoffs, or even worse financial trouble, it’s interesting to see a new Studio being created instead of disbanded. But Ubisoft has done just that, having recently opened up their newest studio in the United Arab Emirates named Ubisoft Abu Dhabi.

The news comes via IGN and a job listing on Gamasutra that describes Ubisoft Abu Dhabi as Ubisoft’s newest studio, currently with 25 employees but looking to grow to 100 within the next several years. The listing says that the new studio is meant to create more online games and to become a stronger leader in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).

A little bit of digging on the Ubisoft Group website shows a Ubisoft Abu Dhabi page that’s currently under construction, noting Yannick Theler as the Managing Director, and even comes with a nice little video explaining their vision.

Ubisoft have yet to make any announcements, but when they do, you’ll be sure to read it here on

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