New Yakuza 5 Video Shows How to Use Asphalt as a Cheese Grater, Makes a Pretty Lady Squeal

on November 9, 2012 8:08 AM

Yakuza 5 is incoming (at least in Japan, since Sega West didn’t utter a word about it yet), and Producer Masayoshi Motoyama is at it again with his habit of showing the game off to one of the pretty ladies that won the Miss Yakuza 5 contest.

This time the video showcases the battles that will be included in the game, allowing gamers to unleash their most bloodthirsty instincts against the scum they’ll meet in the seedy underbelly of the five cities portrayed in this fifth chapter.

A new heat action finisher even lets you use the asphalt like a cheese grater to demolish the face of your unfortunate opponents. Talk about something that would really hurt…

The pretty lady shows her skills as well, and picks up things pretty fast. She seems really happy, judging from the squealing.

You can check the video for yourself below, and see if it makes you squeal as well.

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