No ShockCast This Week, You Can Blame PAX East and Xenoblade Chronicles

on April 6, 2012 12:23 AM

That’s right, a good chunk of our staff are at PAX East in Boston right at this moment, preparing to descend upon PAX East starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am not one of them this year, which is the first year I’ve missed since its inception two years ago.

That being the case, we’ve decided to postpone the ShockCast until next week, at which point I’m sure Joel and Al will have a lot of stuff to talk about. Me, I’ll be talking about Xenoblade Chronicles, which I will be enjoying this weekend instead of PAX.

I know you all will miss us, but, as penance for missing a week of the ShockCast, you can mercilessly make fun of Giuseppe in the comments of this post. Ready? Go!

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