Not All The Armor Sets in PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Will Be Realistic, Lots of Variety Promised

on November 28, 2013 1:04 PM

Yesterday Capcom released two pictures of two armor sets that will be available in the PS4 exclusive free to play RPG Deep Down. Those looked very realistic, and we can say the same about all the gameplay we’ve seen so far.

Apparently, though, not all the armor  included in the game will have the same realistic approach, and there will be a large variety of looks, as shown on a recent issue of Weekly FamitsuAt the bottom of the post you can see the picture itself showing five different concepts. While it’s very blurry (it was quite small), it definitely shows a dragon-shaped armor set and one that involves some long spikes that aren’t exactly practical.

There also is a set of jousting plate armor (the 4th from the left) that, if you look at realism, would be almost impossible to use on foot, even if it looks really cool.

Turns out that those that appreciate a more fantasy-ish appearance will have something to look forwards to as well.


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