You Can Now Dress up Your PS Vita, 3DS or Wii U GamePad Like Famicom Controllers

on July 30, 2013 1:18 AM

If you feel that your favorite portable console (or the Gamepad of your Wii U) looks too modern, Datel Japan just released something that could help you out.

The company just released three adorable “Retro Cases” made of a rather authentic combination of plastic and aluminum that basically lets your modern piece of hardware take on the look and colors of the old and glorious controllers of the Famicom, the original and much more classy-looking Japanese version of the grey and fairly drab NES.


The PS Vita case is the cheapest of the bunch, costing only 1,500 Yen (little less than 15 bucks), the Wii U version costs 1,980 Yen (about 20 bucks), while the 3DS XL version costs 1,800 yen (a little over $18), but for some reason loses in authenticity, since it doesn’t feature the iconic double black line of the Famicom’s controllers. You can check them all out in the gallery below and join the nostalgia party.

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