PlayStation Japan Advertises Tokyo Game Show With Cute ASCII Art, Invites Fans to Caption It

on September 14, 2013 3:57 AM

Today is Monster Hunter day in Japan, but Sony isn’t keeping silent: a few hours ago the PlayStation Japan twitter account launched a rather funny initiative that would probably baffle westerners. This is the tweet that started it all:


Japanese internauts are very fond of ASCII art, so it’s not too surprising to see Sony Computer Entertainment’s official account using it as well.

What does it say? Pretty simple:


Hundreds of Japanese gamers have already responded with (sometimes slightly snarky) captions like “I want Monster Hunter on the Vita!” (this one wasn’t really surprising, was it?), “The PS4 will be released in February because we want to win the western markets!”, “I got rolled panties!” , “Take all the cosplay pictures you can!”, “Waiting in line at the PlayStation Booth!”, “EA is making Mirror’s Edge!”, “Monster Hunter 4 and Final Fantasy XIV are sold out!” and a lot more.

So, what say you? Should we join in? If you want the PS Vita TV in the west, or maybe you’d like Monster Hunter on the Vita too, now you know how to tell them.


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