PlayStation Mobile Gets More Games

on October 17, 2012 11:56 AM

This week’s update of the PlayStation Mobile Store included three new games for mobile gamers to enjoy.

The three games released this week are OMG-Z, Cubixx, and Pinky Spots Leg Massage. OMG-Z is a re-release of a PS minis game that has players blow up chains of zombies in a this unique puzzler.

Cubixx, another PS minis game, will have players using a laser to cut away at a cube in this puzzle game.

Pinky Spots Leg Massage, also available on Google Play, has players tapping and rubbing spots on a photo of a Japanese girl’s legs.

OMG-Z and Cubixx will retail for $2.99 while Pinky Spots Leg Massage retails fro $1.99. Looks like PS Mobile is becoming home to a unique batch of games that has a little something for a variety of gamers to enjoy on their tablets, phones, or Vitas.

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