PlayStation Now Open Beta Starts: Here Are all the 122 Games; Prices Are Still Ridiculous

on July 31, 2014 2:58 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has just made the open beta of PlayStation now available in the US with 122 Games.

You can see them all in the gallery below, and there’s definitely quite the variety in the titles available.

Unfortunately pricing is still a tad on the ridiculous side, varying from 4 hours/$2.99, 7 days/$5.99, 30 days/$7.99, 90 days/$14.99 to ourageous levels like 4 hours/$4.99, 7 days/$7.99, 30 days/$18.99, 90 days/$29.99. Some episodic games can only be rented for 90 days for $3.99, which is a very weird choice in itself.

Luckily yesterday Senior Director¬† Jack Buser promised “some” games starting at $1.99 for the future, but we have no idea what percentage of the total line-up will follow that pricing, and what kind of games they’ll be.

Luckily this is a beta, so everything can still change, but when you’re asking people to pay for testing, it’s very difficult to justify this kind of pricing.

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