Proposed Oklahoma Legislation Would Tax Teen, Mature and Adults-Only Titles

on February 2, 2012 6:30 PM

You know how every week or so you see a news report pop up about the increasing popularity of video games contributing to the American obesity epidemic? Well, Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller thinks a tax on titles rated suitable for teens and adults holds part of the answer. A bill he introduced in the Oklahoma House would take a 1 percent cut from the sales of these games, which in most cases amounts to about 6 cents.

Many states impose “sin taxes,” which impose tariffs for products like alcohol or tobacco. It’s easy to see where Fourkiller gets his logic. Too bad a court might deem this an infringement of free speech, a decision in which most arguments regarding games ends. When the State of California tried it, that debacle ended with the ESA receiving settlement of about $1.3 million. Then again, with a name like Fourkiller, maybe there are ulterior motives.

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