PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s New Video Shows the Graceful New Gunblade and the Threaded Cane in Action

on February 20, 2015 3:01 PM

During a Demon’s Souls-focused  livestream broadcasted today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa, who is currently working on Bloodborne, had a definitely nice surprise treat for the fans of the game.

He introduced about five minutes of live gameplay of the latest build of Bloodborne, showcasing two of the game’s weapons, the newly introduced Reiterpallash (basically your old dear gunblade) and the threaded cane.

Interestingly, we also see what seems to be a mechanic that allows you to use blood from the vials instead of bullets (adding five extra bullets to your count) and the retrieval of a pool of blood echoes from the ground.

You can see a recording below. Unfortunately the video quality is quite bad, as usual with Nico Nico videos (you should have seen the original… I had to edit out about 20 pauses due to constant buffering), but still, it should give you a good idea of how the two weapons work.

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