PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Shows Fantastic Armor and Horrible Monsters in New Screenshots and Renders

on January 10, 2014 1:46 PM

Last Week’s issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu included some rather awesome screenshots and renders of Deep Down, giving us a further glimpse on the beautiful PS4 exclusive in development at Capcom.

The pictures, that you can see below, show two new sets of armor that look both realistic and flavorful (for instance thanks to the blue enameling), adding to the ones that we already saw a while ago.

We also get another serving of images of the Jacky and the Pollies, two of the monsters that will populate the game’s dungeons and that resemble respectively a Mimic chest and a disgusting bug. Both critters also get an official transliteration which is different from the one I published last week. Unfortunately translating Japan’s syllabic alphabet in names that make sense in English isn’t an exact science.

Below you can see the full collection of screenshots and renders from the magazine. While the quality isn’t perfect and some are small, it’s hard not to see why Capcom is so confident in the capabilities of the new Panta Rhei engine.

[Thanks for the Tip: Masaki]

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