PS4 Exclusive RPG Deep Down Gets New Information on Dungeons, More on Weapons and Armor Next Week

on November 20, 2013 8:37 AM

Today Capcom released some new information on the upcoming PS4 exclusive free to play RPG Deep Down, that will enter its beta testing phase around the Japanese launch of the console in February.

We learn that there is a residual persona embedded in each dungeon, called “Memento”, and it will change depending on “feelings.”

There are many different kinds of feelings, like sorrow and anger, and many elements of the dungeons vary according to them. Even the same dungeon can change radically with different feelings. For instance dungeons of anger are characterized by raging flames, while dungeons of sorrow are encased in thick ice.

The one showcased in the trailer that debuted at Tokyo Game Show (you can see it below) was a dungeon of joy. You can see it by the light that shines in the darkest places of the labyrinth, symbolizing hope.

Capcom also promised to provide more information next week, specifically on the player, with a focus on weapons and armor.

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