PS4 Most Searched Tech Gadget on Google in the US, Third Globally, Grand Theft Auto 5 First for Games

on December 17, 2013 4:08 PM

Google just released the rankings of the most searched keywords for a large variety of different categories, and the PS4 ended up in first place for tech gadgets in the United States, while it ranked third in the consumer electronics category globally. The Xbox One did not rank in the United States (choked by a bunch of smartphones), but followed the PS4 closely in 4th place in the global charts.

Consumer Electronics Global Ranking


Tech Gadgets US RankingPS42

Not surprisingly Grand Theft Auto V ranked first between video game searches in the United States.

GTA5While the dominance of Grand Theft Auto V between video games isn’t surprising at all, the fact that the PS4 managed to keep smartphones and tablets behind in the United States is definitely a surprise. A pleasant surprise, actually.


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