PS4 Sales Also Increased by 74% on Titanfall’s Launch Week in the UK According to Report

on March 17, 2014 4:17 PM

Titanfall pushed Xbox One sales up quite radically in the UK last week, but according to a report tweeted by MCV UK Editor Christopher Dring, citing “retail sources,” PS4 sales also rose in the UK by 74% last week. The cause for the increase is quite different: Simply enough, supply constraints have been mitigated, allowing those that wanted Sony’s new console but couldn’t previously find one to finally bring it home.

Xbox One sales jumped 96% last week. But according to my retail source, PS4 sales also rose by 72.4%. That’ll be because some stock came in.

While the source isn’t officially sanctioned, and has to be counted as a rumor, it does make sense, as the console has been made available again last week at several local retailers, including the British branch of Amazon, where it’s still available now on its own.


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