PS4 Supply Will Get “Regular Replenishments” Over Time; Sony Apologizes and Asks For Patience

on December 1, 2013 1:33 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment UK Managing Director Fergal Gara isn’t too worried about the supply situation of the PS4, and while the console may go in and out of stock between here and Chrismas, supply is going to be replenished regularly over time, as he told The Gaming Liberty in an interview, also apologizing to those that can’t get one immediately and asking for patience.

Winding the clock back, as we started to see the bigger demand for consoles later than we expected, but we’ve done everything we can do to increase production. This has given us more than we were expecting some weeks and months back for example – so that is a good job. Stock is flowing over time so there is regular replenishments! Even if it was to sell out this weekend, we expect more stock to be available next weekend for example. It might pop in and out of stock between now and Christmas, and yes, we do apologise to anyone that can’t get one, but again, we would ask for patience.

Looks like if you still haven’t get your PS4 and the retailers available to you are out of stock, you’ll just have to keep trying, and you might get lucky earlier than expected.

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