PS4 Xbox-like Official Licensed Asymmetrical Controller Released by Hori

on February 28, 2014 5:24 AM

If you have a PS4, but prefer asymmetrical analog sticks like the ones you find on Xbox controllers, Hori recently released the Horipad4 FPS controller that could fit your needs.

The controller has a few interesting additional features on top of the sticks setup, including a dial to set the sensitivity of the analog sticks, a “target” button that lowers the sensitivity of the right stick considerably for precise aiming, and two additional programmable bumper buttons. It’s wired (connects via USB) and it’s also compatible with PS3.

Unfortunately the additional features are counterbalanced by a few missing features. There’s no touch pad, no headset connector and  and no light bar (for some this might actually be a perk).

You can see a few pictures of the two available colors below. While the controller has been officially released only in Japan, it’s already delivered worldwide by several retailers (like PlayAsia) and it can also be found on ebay.

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