PS4’s Power Explained With Dragonball Z by Japanese Store: “Like Freeza’s Final Form;” Power: 60,000,000

on February 19, 2014 7:27 AM

Looks like Japanese video game store owners are getting creative in explaining the power of the PS4 to their customers. One decided to resort to one of Japan’s most beloved anime and manga series: Dragonball.

In the picture at the bottom of this post you can see the peculiar billboard placed on the shop’s counter, as shared by Twitter user Kurage.

Here’s a translation of what the sign says:

PS4: just how powerful is it?

  • If you compare the PS3 to Freeza’s first form (battle power 530,000)
  • PS4 is a monster machine like the fourth form of Freeza (battle power 60 million).
  • [8GB Memory] -> 16 times the PS3. Power: Can use the Death Beam 16 times at the same time.
  • [8 Cores] -> 8 Times the PS3. Number of programs that can be executed: The Ginyu Force is now 40 people.
  • [Memory GDDR5] -> 7 Times the PS3. Processing Speed: Will move seven time quicker.

While not all the data is technically 100% correct, it’s definitely a hilarious way to let your customers know that the console they’re about to purchase is quite the beast.


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