Rage has Fanboys already?

on August 14, 2009 12:52 PM

Recently new footage of Rage came out at the QuakeCon and we took a look at the footage like most gamers did and were impressed. I did make a comment about it looking like Fallout 3 and gamers quickly jumped all over me. It was interesting to see not only in the N4G comments, but as well in our own comments that gamers had already developed a strong almost fanboy-like love for Rage. People were defending Rage and saying that it was clearly better after seeing only a few mere minutes of gameplay form QuakeCon.

To deny that Rage has a resemblance in style and concept to Fallout 3 is impossible, yet gamers were arguing back and forth. The mere mention of Fallout 3 brought out a conversation that quickly devolved into a name calling fest. Yes, everyone understands that many games are jumping on the mutant/apacolyptic/end of the world movement, but of most interest to me was the level of sheer anger and rage (no pun intended) when the whisper of Rage looking like something else was brought up. people definitively were calling Rage a better game, with bettter controls, better visuals, etc. with out even a chance to sit down and play it. I had no idea that it was possible to have a fanboy attitude for a title that has not even launched yet or has not even gone gold.

So far I enjoy what I have seen of Rage and welcome another style of gameplay with vehicles being available, but I still need to see more of Rage before goign out on a limb and calling it better than Fallout 3, that is a pretty big leap to make this early. it is impressive to see that so many people have such strong (perhaps even fanoby like) feelings for Rage, this speaks volumes of the expectations that gamers have for the title and what the early impressions are so far.

What are your thoughts? Rage fanboys already exist or is just more gamer closed minded hate on the internet.

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