Resogun’s De Benetti: Games Aren’t Xbox One’s Priority, PS4 More Attractive for True Gamers

on October 23, 2013 2:56 PM

Housemarque’s Community Manager Tommaso De Benetti, currently working on PS4 exclusive Resogun, has a quite clear idea on the comparison between the upcoming next generation titans Xbox One and PS4, as he explained in an interview to Kotaku Japan.

It’s not the official position of the company but just a personal opinion: if you look at it as a gamer, Xbox One is focused on America’s vision of the entertainment center with the TV and the like. It gives the impression is that gmes aren’t its highest priority.

On the other hand for the PS4 games come first, then ┬áthere are other forms of entertainment. Because of how they’re promoting it, I think the PS4 looks more attractive when viewed by true core gamers, isn’t it?

Of course De Benetti states quite clearly that he’s talking only for himself, but I can’t say he’s the first one I hear saying that. What do you think? Is the difference in focus between the two consoles really that big?

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