Respawn Excited but Worried by Titanfall’s Launch, Beta Won’t Have NDA; Only 3 Titans at Launch

on February 2, 2014 4:56 PM

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for the incoming launch of Titanfall on March 11th, and of course there are mixed feelings about it, as expressed by co-founder Vince Zampella on Twitter when ashed if he’s excited:

Yes, but mixed with a bit of fear. We want the launch to be as smooth as possible. Beta should help.

Have to commend that kind of honesty. Hopefully the beta will help to smooth things out as much as possible. Respawn seems to be confident enough to let it happen without a non disclosure agreement in place, as Zampella explained when asked if it’ll be possible to post videos on YouTube.

Should be, it won’t be restricted like the alpha.

As an added bonus, Community Manager Abbie Heppe mentioned that we shouldn’t expect more titan reveals before launch.

There are not more than 3 titans. Bam! Knowledge : )

Considering that the Ogre, the Atlas and the Stryder seem to cover the three Heavy/Medium/Light archetypes pretty well, that’s not so surprising.

According to Respawn Entertainment we should hear more about the beta and the hardware requirement for the game soon, as the developer is waiting for the relevant data to be finalyzed.

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