RIFT Players, Friends Play Free This Weekend

on April 9, 2011 5:33 PM

RIFT Players, Friends Play Free This Weekend

If you currently play RIFT or are interested in playing RIFT, you might want to start pairing off. This weekend, every RIFT subscriber was sent a so-called Ally Code which they can give to a friend, allowing them to create an account and play the game for free during this special Allies of the Ascended event.

There’s not much time left, though, so if you still need to play, go out and find a friend. And players, check your email for a code you can send out. Once you have a code in hand, head to RIFTgame.com/en/ally to redeem it and get your RIFT client. Allies of the Ascended ends at 10am PDT on April 11th.

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