Rumors: Guerrilla Games’ PS4 Exclusive is Open World; Sony Japan studio Has Five PS4 Games in Development

on May 8, 2014 5:50 AM

With E3 coming, it’s hard to keep everything under wraps, and more details about what’s coming have been shared by industry insider Tidux, who has demonstrated more than once to be in the know about Sony’s plans and has a very solid track record with the information he leaks.

Tidux mentioned that the title Guerrilla Games is going to bring at E3 is “open world for sure,” and in addition to that he also shared that Sony Japan Studio currently has a whopping five games in development (while not all of them will be shown at E3). I asked him privately whether he meant five PS4 games (as Sony Japan Studios has also plenty PS Vita games in the works) or not, and he confirmed that he indeed meant just PS4 games.

He also confirmed part of the massive leak about Sony’s E3 conference that we published yesterday, and specifically the three minute-long trailer for Uncharted, the stage demo for The Order: 1886,  Sony Japan Studios debuting two to three games and the presence of Driveclub.

For those that have been having problems, Tidux also mentioned that  the infamous login error 80710092 is about to be solved by Sony.

As usial, while Tidux has a very solid track record and his leaks are normally quite believable, we should take this kind of insider information for what it is, and consider it a rumor until Sony Computer Entertainment makes an official announcement.

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