Saints Row Would Be Better Without Dildos, Says Cliff Bleszinski

on January 24, 2013 2:47 PM


This afternoon Cliff Bleszinski–industry giant perhaps best known for his role as designer in the Unreal and Gears of War franchises–has been sounding off on Twitter on what he thinks makes the Saints Row franchise great, and not so great.

Like dildos.

Gathered from a string of tweets on his Twitter profile, Bleszinski seems to think the franchise has great game mechanics–enough to “give GTA a run for their money”–but finds that their presentation is a little too “immature”, saying “[Battlefield] didn’t go after [Call of Duty] by putting dicks on their guns.”









More importantly, do you agree? Is the Saints Row franchise on par–or better–than the GTA franchise? And would it be better without gimps, purple suits, and weapons like “The Penetrator”? Gives us your thoughts in the comments below. Volition–the developer behind the Saints Row franchise–was recently acquired by Koch Media, the publisher behind Deep Silver and the Dead Island franchise. Whether that will affect the direction of the series remains to be seen. Stay tuned to for more news.

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