Sega Teases “Something” To Happen About Valkyria Chronicles

on July 12, 2013 5:44 AM

Sega is going to hold an event related to the browser/smartphone card battle game Valkyria Chronicles Duel in Akihabara (Tokyo) on July the 21st, and while that will probably make everyone shrug with utter indifference, there’s a little detail in the announcement that could spark a small ray of light on the anguished hearts of the fans of the franchise.

The announcement says that “something” related to Valkyria Chronicles is going to happen that day during a live broadcast on Nico Nico, adding that more information will be shared on the 17th. Of course it could be more browser/mobile game-related stuff, or a similar announcement that will just disappoint us and make us wonder what the hell Sega is thinking, but you never know, they may finally see the light and recognize that they have a great franchise in their hands and announce something more meaty.

Yeah…Not holding my breath on this one. At least this way I have a chance to be positively surprised, while avoiding the probable disappointment. As a bonus below  you can see the artwork of two characters that will be added to the card game. Better than nothing…right? Right?


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