Shazam Demonstrates His Magical Might In New Infinite Crisis Champion Profile Trailer

on May 23, 2013 2:11 PM

Little Billy’s alter ego, the powerful Shazam, makes his debut in Infinite Crisis through a new champion profile trailer. If you’d like to see the profiles for all other announced characters, go here. And you can go here to sign up forĀ Infinite Crisis’s closed beta.

Shazam is a melee Enforcer type, whose powerful energy-based attacks and durability make him very difficult to deal with. All of his skills draw from his constantly refilling energy reserves and are used for healing, power and defense. One of Shazam’s most interesting abilities is called Mystic Power/Defense, which allows him to switch between his two forms. Mystic Power gives him bonus power to attacks and regenerates his energy while Mystic Defense absorbs damage and regenerates energy when hit. It’s best to pair this ability up with Lightening Field (which slows downs and damages enemies in the area) in order to fuel the latter for as long as possible.

For stat development, you should stack defense and health to increase the amount of damage Shazam can soak up for his teammates.

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