SimCity Gets a Tutorial Video Series, Starts With Street Density

on March 1, 2013 12:35 PM

SimCity is inexorably speeding towards the long-awaited return of the glorious franchise (since we all know that SimCity Societies did not exist) and Electronic Arts is continuing to release new assets to wet our appetite.

One of my favorite new features in the game is the ability to just upgrade your streets instead of having to tear down everything and have to rebuild it, and today’s video is the fist of a series of tutorials that explains exactly that. Gotta love that kind of convenience.

In addition to the tutorial the publisher also released the recap video of yesterday’s “Green City” live stream. I have to admit that the team handling those is really fun to listen to, even if they can be damn distracting, considering that the stream happens exactly in the middle of my news reporting shift. Ramblings aside, you can check out both videos below, while I try not to get distracted too much by the Simoleon-shaped city they’re building now.

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