Skullgirls May Bring its Quirky Cast and Hype Fights to the Vita

on May 3, 2013 9:30 PM

Skullgirls may be joining the ranks of fighting games for the PlayStation Vita, according to a recent tweet from the official Twitter account for the game. The tweet responds to a fan asking about a PS Vita port of the well received fighter. The Skullgirls team replied that they’d “love” to develop a PS Vita port of their game, and that it’s something they’d look into after the PC version of the game – which currently has a July release window – is done and dusted.

I would totally buy Skullgirls for the Vita, especially if it was priced similarly to the console version of the game. With five characters in development, the team is probably pretty swamped with work at the moment, but let’s hope that a Vita port of the game happens eventually.

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