Snow DLC Heading to Final Fantasy XIII-2

on April 18, 2012 9:30 PM

The next piece of DLC for ever expanding Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be Snow, one of the main characters from Final Fantasy XIII. Snow will have an entire dedicated episode, over the course of which his relationship with Serah will be further explored. The name of his episode is “Don’t fight for me”. This episode will also explore details surrounding the mysterious Coliseum.

Speaking of the Coliseum, the DLC will also add the game’s most powerful foe yet, Valfodr.

Your party will have to face Valfodr multiple times, and he’ll come back stronger each time. He’ll utilize weapons, magic and summons and has a 100% crystal conversion rate when he’s defeated for the final time. Snow will have a 30% conversion rate. This DLC will be available on or around May 15th, though there is currently no pricing available. Who’s excited?


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