Sony President Shuhei Yoshida Was Banned Twice from Miiverse, Speaks About His Work With “Father of Playstation”

on April 14, 2014 10:13 PM

President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, revealed in a conversation with PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny that he had been banned from Nintendo’s online forum and social networking space MiiVerse. Not once either. Two times. According to Yoshida:

The first time was because I had my Twitter account in my profile and that’s against the rules…. The second time is because I wrote, ‘I love PS.’ You’re not supposed to promote a commercial product in MiiVerse, so they correctly interpreted “PS” as “PlayStation.”

He also reminisces about his work with Ken Kutaragi, the man widely known as the “Father of the Playstation.” Working with the legend was often difficult as he constantly switched directions and instructions in a matter of days. However Yoshida remembered being given a rare compliment from Kutaragi.

I was complimented by Ken twice! When I say this to my colleagues, they say “twice? That’s a lot!”

It’s always interesting to see a more human side to these corporation heads, even if that side is sillier or more flawed than what we expected.

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